ITIL®v3 Capability: Operational Support and Analysis eLearning Course

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An annual license to study with Fox IT’s accredited ITILv3 Capability: Operational Support and Analysis course on the FoxLEARN training platform (includes exam)

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Course details

In accordance with the operational support and analysis syllabus, this ITIL® capability course builds on the general principles covered as part of the ITIL Foundation course. It enables an organisation to introduce the processes associated with support: incident management, problem management, event management, access management and request fulfilment. It also prepares students for the ITIL Intermediate Qualification: ITIL Capability Operational Support and Analysis (ITIL OSA) (2011 edition) This course includes the exam for professional qualification.

Who should attend

The course is suitable for individuals who require a deeper understanding of the continual service improvement of the service lifecycle and is particularly suited for those who are involved in continual service improvement environments, whether that is ongoing management, coordination and integration of continual service improvement activities or those who need to understand how continual service improvement (as a lifecycle stage) needs to be implemented to ensure superior quality in the provision and support if IT services to their customers. It offers a natural career development path for those who already hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate. Before taking the course it is recommended, though not required, that candidates have an exposure to basic concepts in IT, and related work experience of at least two years. Delegates are required to hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management obtained from an accredited training provider, or the v2 to v3 bridge equivalent.


    • Enables delegates to obtain knowledge on ITIL terminology, process structure, roles, functions and activities that will enable role focused capability and competency in support of the Service Lifecycle approach as described in ITIL
    • Provides delegates with practical guidance on the design and implementation of integrated end-to-end processes based on proven industry best practice guidelines.
  • Prepares delegates for the ITIL Capability examination in Operational Support & Analysis (2011 edition).

Course Qualification

The format for the exam paper is 8 scenario-based multiple-choice questions. They are gradient scored questions with one answer is worth 5 marks, the next best 3 marks, then 1 mark and a distracter that achieves no marks. It is a supervised, closed-book exam – the duration of which is a maximum of 90 minutes. Successful candidates will be awarded 4 credits towards the ITIL Expert qualification.